Our Team

Avea Financial Planning is different from most financial advisory firms.  That’s because we do fee-only planning.  We don’t sell products or require you to have a million bucks before you can work with us.

Instead, we charge a fee in exchange for advice from a CFP®.

Refreshingly simple.

About Angie Furubotten-LaRosee, CFP®

When I think of all the things I want out of life, it really is a very short list.  I want to have a sense of purpose and surround myself with people I have a deep connection to, both in my personal and professional life.

Financial stuff can be very numbers focused, but I think the real value comes from deeply understanding people, what drives them to get up every day, what’s holding them back, what are things we can do together to make our lives and the lives of those we touch, just a little better, a little more secure, a little more pleasant.

I try to learn new things every day and I’m realizing that coming from a place of abundance, trying not to sweat the small stuff and as I was told recently, to keep “chip, chip, chip, chipping away” at the things that are important to me, success will come on many levels.

I’m a mom and a wife.  I married someone I met in Kindergarten and I have 2 college-bound sons.  I have lived out of the country (Japan and France) for almost 6 years of my life but live in the house I was raised in with my own family, now for 10 years.  I have studied 4 languages but unfortunately, really only use English.


I love to travel but also very much enjoy my own back yard and local rivers.

With a backpack on my shoulder, I knew that my life would take me to far away, adventurous places but I also knew that money, saving, and being secure were important to me too.  I’m a UW Husky surrounded by WSU Cougars (and future Cougs) and I’m OK with that. In 2006, my kids were only 3 and 5 when I started studying to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. I always imagined working just like I am, as a fiduciary, answering only to my clients and no one else.

It’s been many years since I started working in this industry, but finance has been a part of my entire life.Our family too, has experienced many of the challenges that my clients face.  But our family has managed to consistently build wealth and security and I’m delighted to share my knowledge and expertise to support your family success.If you are ready to be the hero and take your family’s financial life to the next level, let me help you get there. Book a “getting to know you” consultation today.


Marketing Intern, Brenden Davis

Meet Brenden, a senior at Delta High School.

Brenden has been interning at Avea Financial Planning since September 2018. He is a participant in the school’s Work-Based Learning program in which all seniors are encouraged to intern in a local business.

I like to say our podcast, Financial Side of Life, is intern powered. He uses his strong technical skills and knowledge of Audacity and Zencaster, audio editing and recording software, to produce the podcast and has picked up new creative skills in learning Canva, an online document design software.

He also does a lot of troubleshooting on the website, figuring out solutions to problems as they arise.

In addition to his internship, he leads the Creative Arts club as president and intends to study physics in college.

He’s been a cheerful and very helpful addition to the team!