Angie is an engaging speaker who delivers practical financial knowledge and actionable steps to help her audience, especially women, come away with a deeper focus on and strong committment to living their best financial lives.
She shares her story, experiences and journey in finding purpose through her passion of spreading the message of financial education and inspires participants to be more intentional and take greater control of their financial lives.
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Women who are financially engaged are


Women-Focused Topics

Angie inspires & encourages women to be engaged in their financial lives.


Women's Top Money Fears and How to Overcome Them

Savvy Social Security for Women

12 Harsh Financial Truths About Divorce

Women and Money - Why It Is Different For Us

Investments & Money

These topics center on the nuts and bolts of money. But everything ties back to your life.


You Have Control Over Your Investment Success

Building Wealth

10 Facts You Need to Know To Achieve Investment Success

What Accounts to Use? HSA, IRA, Roth IRA, 529 Oh My!


Other Finance Topics

Personal Finance topics are unlimited! Other topics center around income, wealth, college, taxes, retirement, debt, careers, getting organized, goal setting, death & disability.


What Does Retirement Mean to You?

College Planning - 5 Steps to Take Control

There's Always a Reason to Sell - Why You Should Stay in the Market

Taxes in Retirement - 7 Ways to Trim Your Bill