Ep. 24 – Real Estate Investing to a Richer Life With Hilario Zaragoza

Ep. 24 – Real Estate Investing to a Richer Life With Hilario Zaragoza

(My apologies about the quality of the audio.  I goofed something up, totally my fault. But the interview is so, so worth listening to, so hang in there.)

Flipping, wholesaling, syndication, landlording, assigning, lease/options, rehabbing, BRRRR, abandoned properties, probates, auctions, REOs, land, mobile parks, self-storage, single family, multi-family and commercial properties; these are the terms of real estate investing.  I’ve been attending my local Real Estate Investor meetups here in the Ti-Cities and I’ve picked up a bit of the lingo in the last few months, can’t you tell.

My husband and I have had a rental for 15 years. It was our very first house, so cute that I couldn’t bear to part with it. My babies were born there, well not actually THERE, but while we lived there and it still kills me when people put nails in the beautiful plaster walls.  I know, it isn’t the most ideal rental because of that deep, emotional connection, but I’m looking to expand my knowledge and consider new ways to acquire less emotionally-loaded properties.

That led me to check out the local auction on a recent Friday literally at the steps of the Franklin County Courthouse (a beautiful building located in Pasco, WA and listed on the National Register of Historic Places).  The 9 am auction I intended to observe, not participate in, was postponed, and I learned there was another at 10.  I waited around and was chatting it up with the folks that were also waiting around.

So that’s when I met my guest, Hilario Zaragoza, of Empire Bros Construction.  We waited at least another 75 minutes to see if the next auction would go (it didn’t) and we talked much of that time. Asking lots of questions, I learned about his background, how he came to be a business owner and end up there at the auction that day. His story is one that I think will resonate with a lot of people who have the fear of starting something that they don’t know much about.  He’s overcome a lot of obstacles, but man, does he have his head screwed on straight.  He’s got BHAG, big hairy audacious goals that all start with real estate investing.  You won’t want to miss this episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about…

  1. Where he got his start in construction.
  2. How construction has helped him get closer to his real estate investing goals.
  3. What is his exact process in finding, buying, rehabbing and selling a home.
  4. What are some of the most important things to consider when bidding or buying a home to rehab and sell.
  5. How he views risk.
  6. How many siblings are involved in the business and their philosophy on debt.
  7. What he thinks is the key to success.
  8. What his vision is for his business.


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