Life Money Lessons from Dad

Life & Money Lessons From Dad

Life & Money Lessons From Dad, Special Father’s Day Edition

Life and money lessons from Dad.

A girl’s dad is a pretty special person.

I got the chance to sit with my dad, Jim Furubotten, just before Father’s Day to talk about his memories and things he learned during his 8 decades on this planet. Watch this interview on YouTube.

I’ve done this a few times with my folks, sat and asked them questions on camera. (I even interviewed my mom on this episode Money Lessons from Mom – Special Mother’s Day Bonus for Mother’s Day in 2018.) But those interviews were just for me.  This time I’m sharing it with you.

In our interview, at times bringing up swells of emotion (which for this salt of the earth, mid-western, happy go lucky Norweigan is pretty atypical) he speaks frankly about his humble beginnings in a cabin with a dirt floor in Montana, through his graduation along with his older brother from SDSU as a civil engineer, meeting my mom and starting a family, moving to the Tri-Cities and a long career for the federal government.

You’ll really want to listen all the way to the end.  About 30 minutes in, I think he started to get in the groove of the podcast and really started to open up about his personal opinions and advice to families. And he made a plug for this Certified Financial Planner Tri-Cities.

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In this episode you’ll learn more about:

  1. His memories about his own dad and ultimately what happened to him.
  2. What kind of work his mom did to make ends meet?
  3. What was the one thing that helped after a major tragedy occurred in his family?
  4. What does he think about passing on his money values?
  5. What are some of the most important things people should do themselves and in raising their kids?
  6. What is something that no one ever talked to my dad about?
  7. What’s his final piece of advice?
  8. What are other life and money lessons from dad? Listen in to find out.



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Episode 34.

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