Power, Perseverance & Podcasts

Ep. 7 – Power, Perseverance & Podcasts With Lexi McBreairty

Interns Help Make the World Go Round, Or In This Case, the Podcast

Today is an important day in the lives of 88 or so Delta High School seniors.  

This is the day they graduate from high school, the bittersweet end of their K-12 education.  Among them will be my intern, Lexi McBreairty.

I would describe this podcast as another very special episode because I had the pleasure of interviewing Lexi, who has been working with me since September.  Her primary job was to get this podcast started. Neither of us knew anything at all, and so together, or rather mostly on her own, she had to figure out all the moving parts of getting this podcast produced and out there to the world.  

Along the way, we got to know each other and now that we are at the end our time together and she is graduating, I thought it was fitting to feature her on the podcast to be released on her graduation day, June 7th, 2018.

Lexi has a story that will resonate with many listeners.  She overcame many challenges in her young life, including being bullied in school and the tragic loss of her mom when she was only 8.  She said it herself in the interview.  She never thought she would be here.  By that, she means to make it to graduation.

But she made it and she attributes that to perseverance.  She talks about what it was like growing up without a mom, her successes in Karate and her plans for the future.  

Lexi, I’ve really enjoyed our time together and couldn’t have made this podcast happen without you.  Thank you and congratulations on reaching this milestone in your life.   You’ve got so much to offer the world.  I’m very excited for you and can’t wait to see what adventures you take yourself on!

Last day celebration – Thank you Lexi McBreairty and Jayden Henes, Avea interns.