Setting you up for Post Crisis Success

Going Live To Set You Up For Post Crisis Financial Success

Today is April 10, 2020. Happy Good Friday Everyone. Going Live To “Set You Up For Financial Success” Experiment Two-Week Wrap Up.

I’ve been doing Facebook Lives every weekday at 11:35 am for 2 weeks now and plan to continue for the time being. I was hoping to be able to the same on LinkedIn, but they haven’t allowed everyone just yet.

I chose to do Facebook live for several reasons. Since March 23rd, 2020, Washington State has been under the “Stay Home Stay Healthy” order. As a solo practitioner, I felt it was an important step in how I could personally manage being at home, while still being active with others in their homes at the same time.

It’s interesting to look back and see how topics have progressed as the pandemic and economic situation has escalated. Even before I started doing Facebook Live, I was putting out videos to try to remain connected and informative. I started with “This Fiduciary Advisor Makes House Calls and Meets Virtually” then “Let’s Walk and Talk While Social Distancing” to “How To Protect Your Retirement Savings” to “Pandemic and Your Money, What Can I Be Doing Right Now, Parts 1 and 2”.

I look at this “going live” as a bit of an experiment. Being rather isolated, I’m really not sure what’s on people’s minds.

What are they concerned about (besides the coronavirus) and what can I do to help? I like to say that this is the “thing” I can do to help, offer financial advice. I can’t sew, and I am not a farmer or grocery worker. I give advice, specific fiduciary advice to people who have questions. There’s been so much new information coming out from the CARES Act, the stimulus checks, required minimum distributions and early withdrawal penalty waivers, small business loans and so on. A lot of people are wondering if their plans are still on track. What’s most relevant to you?

My other goal in going live each day is to focus on the Right Now.

I’m giving an actionable tip each day with the hope that you will continue to set yourself up for success and come out of this crisis better than you were going in.

Here’s summary of tips and topics covered over the last two weeks.

✔️ The value of coaching for business owners.

✔️ Taking time to beef up your business connections, LinkedIn profile, resume and references.

✔️ A little about my roots in the Tri-Cities.

✔️ My upcoming first virtual Women’s Circle on April 13, 2020.

✔️ What tracking your spending can reveal.

✔️ 5 things you can do with friends or family this weekend while social distancing.

✔️ Who qualifies for a stimulus check, how much can you expect, when and how will you get it.

✔️ The powerhouse, but underutilized account known as an HSA Health Savings Account. What it is and how to maximize it.

✔️ Worst case scenario – where to get money fast.

✔️ Small business loan options, which one is right for you and where to apply.

✔️ Celebrated my 9th year as a CFP®, Certified Financial Planner™ certificant, what is a CFP® and why it is important.

✔️ How being a financial planner is a great career for women who currently represent only 23% of CFP® pros.

✔️ Re-familiarizing yourself and maximizing your workplace benefits like life insurance, short/long term disability insurance, double-checking your beneficiary arrangements and seeing if getting your estate planning documents completed is a workplace benefit. 50% of Americans haven’t done this very important task.

So you can see, I’ve covered a wide variety of topics that I hope you can take and use today to make your life better now and after the crisis.

If there are topics you wish for me to cover, please message me.

We are all in this together. Let’s stay connected, Tri-Cities.

My offer stands to do “Walk and Talks” outside in the warm spring Tri-Cities weather, while social distancing, of course.

To view any of the recorded Live videos, you’ll want to go to my Facebook page,

My website. My most recent Financial Side of Life podcast.