Ep. 25 – From Podcasting to Physics With Brenden Davis

Ep. 25 – From Podcasting to Physics With Delta High School Intern Brenden Davis

Today is one week from the most special day for many high school students: Graduation! One such high school student happens to be my intern, Brenden Davis. Brenden and I have been working together for almost one year now. Just like last year, I wanted to have an interview with him about his thoughts on the internship and his plans for the future, which involve everything from physics to psychology.

Brenden shares with us his views on the internship, which were very positive (yeah!). He shares his side of the story for the past year, from working with technical mishaps to the better parts of the job. Afterward, he talks about his plans for the future, and boy are they plentiful.  He’s planned out almost every step in his life, from what’s next, to his retirement; everything from Physics to computers, both science and more non-scientific pursuits. First up is WSU Tri-Cities, then it’s off to Pullman and beyond. Stay tuned to hear the wonderful ideas for what’s next in the life of this young physics savant.


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