Three Financial Things to Do During a 2-Hours Snow Delay

3 Financial Things to Do During a 2-Hour Snow Delay

  Have an extra 2 hours on your hands on a cold, snowy morning? Here are 3 things you can do that will enhance the financial side of your life. What are some smart money moves you can make in just 2 hours?   Track your finances Call your P & C agent (they take care of your auto insurance)

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Ep. 29 – Taking Calculated Risks and Betting On Myself with Dr. Robyn Fisher

Ep. 29 – Taking Calculated Risks and Betting On Myself with Dr. Robyn Fisher My start in life, I was really quite lucky. Even as a young woman, I was surrounded by pretty amazing individuals.  I might not have recognized it back then but so many of my women friends have grown up to do great things and really make

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Borrower Beware

Borrower Beware – Two Cautionary Tales

Borrower Beware – Two Cautionary Tales Two recent money conversations I was a part of had interesting parallels. The common theme? Borrower Beware. Just in time for Halloween and college admissions season.

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What’s Riskier? Bull Riding or Investing?

I recently went to our local Benton Frankin Fair and Rodeo to watch the exciting events of bull and bronc riding. Talk about exciting, but to me, these events are so scary and so-so risky. For many, investing in the stock market is very much the same, scary and risky. We’ve recently experienced increased volatility in the markets and no

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