Ep. 8 – Summer Tips for College-Bound Families

In this special podcast episode hosted by the planners of the Facebook Group “Ask The Experts About Paying For College” we talk about summer planning tips & strategies for college-bound families.

I am a part of the XY Planning Network, a group of fee-only advisors who work with members of Gen X and Gen Y.  Through the network, I met a number of other CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Pros who have advisory firms that focus on college funding planning as a part of their overall comprehensive plan.  We are part of a study group that meets every two weeks to talk about what’s going on in the world of college funding planning. 

We’ve all seen clients with piles of student loan debt.  As a result, it is our hope that we can educate consumers to be smarter when it comes to buying a college education.  We all know the impact of this debt on graduates and how things need to change.

For today’s podcast, I am joined by colleagues Amy Irvine of Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies (NY & FL), Quinn Arnold of Arnold Financial Planning  (IA), and Alyssa Lum of Luminate Financial Planning (VA).

Our hosts today come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.  They talk about things families and students in each grade can be thinking about and doing this summer to prepare for college.

Please join our Facebook group Ask the Experts About Paying For College We look forward to chatting with you there.