Ep. 5 – DreamAhead and GET Ready to Pay for College

Prepare to DreamAhead and GET ready to pay for college with Washington’s new 529 plan

Washington State has launched a new 529 college savings program called DreamAhead College Investment Plan this April.  This investment-based plan is now available along with the original prepaid college tuition program called GET – Guaranteed Education Tuition plan, in existence since 1998.  Although a Washington based plan, like other 529 plans, DreamAhead is open to families nationwide.

529 plans can be an effective way to save for college, even if you are uncertain if your kids will attend.

Our conversation with Jackie Ferrado, Community Relations Manager, and Lucas Minor, Senior Associate Director was super informative and inspiring.

Jackie has been with GET for over 18 years, starting when her own two boys were small. Not only is she full of information because she is the one who goes around the state educating families, she has a great story of her own.  A single mom, she’ll share with us creative ways she was able to save as well as how she encouraged others to help save for her two kids’ education.

Lucas is newer to their team and he’ll tell us how the new program works and some important differences between the two plans.

Most parents envision their kids going on to college but only about 40% save for it.  Every dollar saved is one less dollar borrowed and with the cost of college rising fast, you’ll want to listen in to know how you can save too.

We went a little long, but I think it’s worth it.


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