Ep31 Brian Cook What's Happening with Mortgages and Refinancing Right Now

Ep. 31 – What’s Happening with Mortgages & Refinancing Right Now with Brian Cook, Peak Mortgage

Ep. 31 – What’s Happening with Mortgages and Refinancing Right Now with Brian Cook, Peak Mortgage

Mortgages and refinancing, what’s happening right now with them in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, market crisis and pending recession?

“Stay Home, Stay Healthy” has been the order for about 4 weeks. But that isn’t stopping people from taking advantage of some of the lowest interest rates in history.

My guest is Brian Cook, mortgage advisor at Peak Mortgage here in the Tri-Cities, Washington, and we get right into the details of what is happening now, and if you are thinking about doing a refi what to consider.

We also talk about reverse mortgages. For example, this technique allows someone to stay in their home and therefore use the equity built up as a sort of a “bucket” of money to draw income from.

Therefore, Brian talks about things to consider if you or a loved one is considering a reverse mortgage.

There have been recent changes in law regarding keeping current on your mortgage payments. So Brian tells us stories of people who are thinking about skipping payments or taking advantage of “forbearance”. Right now, a lot of people are suddenly out of work and having a hard time keeping up on bills.

He goes into detail what that means, some of the “gotchas” to watch out for and what to do if you find yourself in trouble.

As always, tune in to hear all the details.

In this episode you’ll learn more about:

  1. Some background on why we’re seeing what’s happening in the mortgage arena.
  2. Why are rates going lower right now?
  3. He describes himself as a “Kennewick guy” and how to contact him.
  4. What questions to ask a trusted mortgage advisor?
  5. What you shouldn’t be afraid of.

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