Ep 30 Sokhom Sek NexusPoint

Ep. 30 – A Nexus Between Past Challenges and Future Opportunities with Sokhom Sek, NexusPoint

Ep. 30 – A Nexus Between Past Challenges and Future Opportunities with Sokhom Sek, NexusPoint


NexuxPoint founder, Sokhom Sek and I met most recently at a Fuse Co-Working networking event, got along splendidly and I was intrigued by her varied and interesting background. First thought? Podcast guest!

Sokhom’s story starts with her family in late 1970’s Cambodia.  The period of genocide carried out by the Khmer Rouge under the leadership of Pol Pot was coming to an end.  After leaving their large extended family and country, and living in a refugee camp where she was born, her family ultimately immigrated to the US where she was the first to graduate from high school.

She describes herself as a first-generation kid growing up in America.  Growing up was tough, there were many challenges and lessons to be learned.  She grew up in Long Beach California in the 90’s.  Violence was the way of life.  Gang violence, drugs, poverty.  She was attacked as a 7-year-old on her way home from school.  This was around the time of the 1992 LA riots in response to the acquittal of police offers for the beating of Rodney King.

Her high school, Woodrow Wilson High School had a new, young teacher Erin Gruwell, who went on to teach students the power of reading and writing to effect change in their own lives. Sokhom was a part of the Freedom Writers these kids came to be known as.  Ms. Gruwell went on to found the Freedom Writers Foundation to continue this work.

From this start, Sokhom began to realize her own potential.  She continued to seek out opportunities and education to help her reach where she is today, president and consultant of her own firm, NexusPoint, a company that is built on diversity, equity and inclusion.

For me, a Tri-City native, it is so hard to relate to the challenges she’s faced in her life.  But her story is a compelling one of hope and possibilities.

Tune in to hear all the details.

In this episode you’ll learn more about:

  1. How having a positive role model who believed in her changed her life.
  2. The Freedom Writers
  3. The book the Freedom Writers wrote and published.
  4. How draws from her life experiences to help her manage her firm.


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