Ep. 29 – Taking Calculated Risks and Betting On Myself with Dr. Robyn Fisher

Ep. 29 – Taking Calculated Risks and Betting On Myself with Dr. Robyn Fisher

My start in life, I was really quite lucky.

Even as a young woman, I was surrounded by pretty amazing individuals.  I might not have recognized it back then but so many of my women friends have grown up to do great things and really make an impact in the world.  There’s Joy, or as I like to call her, General Joy, who I interviewed on two earlier podcasts, Ep 18  and Ep. 19.   Robyn was also a demonstrated leader even as early as junior high.

As happens, we lost touch over the years, but through the magic of Facebook, I was able to hear tidbits of the cool things she was making happen, particularly in the area of access to higher education.

We talk candidly about her own extensive education and background, building a business from the ground up for over 20 years, the challenges she faced, and most importantly, how she overcame them.

Tune in to hear all the details.

In this episode you’ll learn more about:

  1. Her focus on helping kids prepare for college
  2. Programs she runs throughout California and the nation.
  3. Her advice to college-bound kids.
  4. You’ll get to hear her amazing laugh.  Oh, that takes me back!!


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  1. Much respect to two great women! Just found the podcast yesterday from the PHS ’86 FB site and I’ve got to say: kudos to you both!

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