Ep. 20 – From the Flip of a Coin With Red Mountain Vintner, Shae Frichette, Frichette Winery

Ep. 20 – From the Flip of a Coin With Red Mountain Vintner, Shae Frichette, Frichette Winery

Red Mountain AVA is alive with entrepreneurial and community-minded folks like Shae and Greg Frichette of Frichette Winery. Shae joins me on this episode of Financial Side of Life to talk about her journey all the way from rural South Carolina to the wine country on Red Mountain in Washington State.

Red Mountain is an area just outside of Benton City and is named for the color of the cheatgrass that grows in the area during the spring.  It is becoming a well-known and respected AVA due to the epic combination of great prehistoric glacial flood and volcanic soil and warm days with cool nights.  It turns out, these are ideal conditions for growing high-quality grapes.

We’ll learn about her background in corporate America and how that has played a role in helping them overcome some of the inevitable challenges they faced along the way.

Shae attended Winthrop University and picked up some student loans along the way that she is proud to say are completely paid off. She tells us how she did that.

You might appreciate a peek into how a startup winery gets off the ground with inexperienced new parents at the controls. She tells stories of how they got the money and the land on Red Mountain to get started and about the decisive flip of a coin that decided it all.

In this episode you’ll also learn about:

1. How did Shae and her husband end up on Red Mountain in the Tri-Cities.
2. How the decision to open a winery was made.
3. What fears they had in starting the winery and how they overcame them.
4. The attributes that Shae brings to her business.
5. The importance of her community involvement.
6. Long term plans of the winery on Red Mountain.
7. What she thought she would grow up to be and how her life is different than she imagined.
8. How being a parent has changed things.
9. Where she will be in 20 years.


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