Ep. 17 – FAFSA and CSS Profile – Differences and Highlights

In this special podcast episode on the FAFSA and the CSS Profile hosted by the planners of the Facebook group “Ask The Experts About Paying For College,” we talk about how you can be smarter about them.

Today I am meeting with my colleagues from XY planning and “Ask The Experts About Paying For College” again. I am joined by Brad Bobb (Bobb Financial), Alyssa Lum (Luminate Financial Planning), and Quinn Arnold (Arnold & Mote Wealth Management) to talk about the FAFSA and the CSS Profile.

All 3 of my guests have completed the FAFSA many times, and the CSS Profile as well. Today we go over the differences between the two, many common strategies people use, why they work or do not work, as well as what are some good ways to work through the FAFSA to maximize the outcome.

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