Ep. 11 – Nearly Crushed to Death by Student Loans With Scott Nailor Part 2

Nearly Crushed to Death by Student Loans & Debt – With Scott Nailor

In this second of two episodes, we meet up again with Scott Nailor and we continue our conversation surrounding his struggle with student loan debt. In 2017, he was featured in “The Rolling Stones” for his incredible story. Scott, an English teacher in Maine, was on the brink of taking his own life due to increasing high levels of debt that he didn’t know how to get out from under.  In our last episode, he told us his story, and in this episode, we talk more about his advice to others to avoid following in his footsteps.

First, Scott talks about how he is preparing to help his own children through college and the steps he is taking to help them avoid high levels of student loan debt. Then he touches on the idea of planning out your loans before you take them, as well as looking into how your future job might be able to help pay. Next, he talks about a reality check and the likelihood of having some student loans, not just trying to live that perfect “American Dream.” Finally, he talks about other tips for people who find themselves in need of borrowing for college.

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