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Ep. 14 – Becoming Financially Independent With Chris Reining

Becoming Financially Independent with Chris Reining

Our guest on this episode is Chris Reining. He is a young man who has managed to become financially independent at a nearly unprecedented age. He is retired and got there through his own work. Today, we talk about how he did it.


Chris Reinings dog, Butters
His beloved dog, Butters.

Most people today would love to be retired by the age of 37.  Not having to work while still having a high standard of living sounds like a dream to many. Most people do not realize that it is far easier than you might think, you just need to know what to do. Our guest decided when he was young that he was not content working the same job for the rest of his life.  Upon realizing this, he prepared to become financially independent as early as he could.  This allowed him to retire about 30 years earlier than normal, and start his own blog.  In Chris’ blog, he gives advice to becoming financially independent yourself, as well as great life lessons.  

Be sure to listen to the whole interview to learn other valuable tips and advice on how you can become financially independent as well.

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