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You are a smart, strong and independent woman. The financial leader in your household. But even someone as capable as you, can feel uncertain about investing and managing your finances, especially during life's most poignant transitions.

I work with women and couples nearing retirement, widows and divorcees who are ready to take charge of their money, investments and financial life so that they can be more confident, feel on-track and worry less during times of change.

Most of our clients find tremendous value in bringing their financial planning, tax preparation, and investment management under one roof so they can focus on what matters most to them.

Let’s do this! How does this work?

Step 1

Schedule a free, 30-minute phone or video conference with Angie. I'll hear a little more about what inspired you to reach out to me, what you are hoping to achieve and if I can help.  If I think I can help, we’ll schedule a second meeting in a few days and go into more detail about the value of planning as well as the cost to work together. If we aren’t a good fit for each other I will gladly introduce you to a firm that is better suited to your needs.

Step 2

After we have throughly discussed how the planning process evolves over time, our mutual expectations and specific recommendations unique to you, I'll offer my solution. Then at the end of this meeting I'll will ask if you would like to begin working with our firm or if you would like to sleep on it. If it is yes, on to Step 3.

Step 3

We set up 3 meetings. We talk about you, your concerns and goals, hopes and deams.  I collect alot of information so I can clearly understand where you are today. Then we create a priority action plan bringing it all together.  We work on completing items throughout the year so that you can achieve what is important to you.


Recently Divorced or Widowed Women


 55+ or Already Retired


STEM Professionals

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Comprehensive Planning & Advice

Retirement might be on your radar, or maybe it’s more about being able to better care for yourself or loved ones. We create a plan so that you can feel heard, crush fear, and have 100% confidence in your financial decisions, now and in the future. 

Investment Management

Save, invest and build wealth to fund your life and the things that are most important to you. We use world class institutional custodians and money managers, cutting-edge technology to manage and view your investments, and create a customized investment program specific to you.

Why Avea Financial?

Through the power of a strong, on-going relationship, I help women and their loved ones build wealth, achieve what's important and live life on their own terms.

  • Focused - Our relationship with you is the most important part of planning.
  • Fiduciary - The highest standard of care, putting your best interests first.
  • Fee-only -  We are compensated only by you, no commisions or bonuses.

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