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Helping Women

Earn More Money

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So they can live the life they want.

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You are a smart, strong and independent woman. But even someone as capable as you, knows when it's time to get that thing, MONEY, figured out.

I work with women in STEM and education careers who are ready to take charge of their money, investments and financial life.

Our core values.

We Foster Education

The financial advisor at Avea helps women gain clarity and control over their financial life so that they can feel secure in their choices, live their best life and be the strong foundation for loved ones who depend on them. Hanford engineers, PNNL scientists, WSU faculty, winemakers, pharmacists or physician assistants.  As financial advisors, we work with many women in STEM and Hanford related careers.

We Pursue Excellence

We want to be your guide to help you build wealth, financial independence and security. To do that we leave no stone unturned. Using our 100 Over 365© system, your financial advisor will look at all areas of your financial life:  investment portfolio, taxes, estate planning, debt, college, insurance, career, relationships, health, happiness and more.

We work to earn trust

Let's face it. Aside from someone who shares your last name, as your personal financial advisor, we get to know you in a very deep and personal way.  The number one core value to building deep relationships is trust. We work to earn and keep your trust day after day. 

We Create Fun

Our financial lives are complex, but with the right fiduciary financial advisor, it doesn't have to be.  Nor does it have to be dry, boring, make your eyes roll back in your head numbers-focused stuff.  This is your chance to dream BIG, let yourself go, imagine a life that is rich and uniqely yours. This is the Pinterest board of your own life.  What's more fun then creating your best, possible life?


Pre-Retirees 5-10 Years from Retirement


Working Professionals


Recently Divorced or Widowed Women


College-Bound Families

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If you've been on the fence, 2020 has never been a better time to start.
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Comprehensive Planning & Advice

Retirement might be on your radar, or maybe it’s more about FIRE (financial independence, retire early). Creating a plan so that you can have 100% confidence in your future and having a guide to help keep you on track is the recipe for success.

Investment Management

Save, invest and build wealth to fund your life and the things that are most important to you. We use world class institutional custodians and money managers, cutting-edge technology to manage and view your investments, and create a customized investment program specific to you.

Let’s do this! How does this work?

Step 1

Schedule a free, 30-minute video conference meeting and we’ll talk about what Avea can do to help. If it seems like working together makes sense, we'll schedule another meeting and go into more detail about the planning process as well as the cost to work together.

Step 2

After we have throughly discussed how the planning process evolves over time, your expectations of me and my expectations of you, then we make the decision to move forward.

Step 3

We set up 3 meetings.  We talk about you, your concerns and goals, hopes and deams.  I collect alot of information so I can clearly understand where you are today. Then we create a priority action plan bringing it all together.  We work on completing items throughout the year so that you can achieve what is important to you.

Why Avea Financial?

Though the power of a strong, on-going relationship, I help people build wealth, achieve what's important and live life on their own terms.

  • Focused - Our relationship with you is the most important part of planning.
  • Fiduciary - The highest standard of care, putting your best interests first.
  • Fee-only - We are compensated only by you.

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